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Ariel Club Slovakia

Ariel Club Slovakia

Slovak ariel club was estabilished in january 2013 in small village Rudinka near Zilina. Ten years after our example – "Český ariel klub", we would like to show the world that Slovaks can preserve beautiful machines for future generations too.

Our club is not registered and probably won't be a member of any european clubs or FIVA. We are just a group of people with love for the brand. Anyone is welcome to become a member, no need to own or work on an Ariel. We are also no judge, so feel free to contact us if you want to reconstruct your motorcycle or modernize or tune it to your style, we will gladly help you as long as it brings you joy and happiness.

We also provide room for your advertisements in order to facilitate sales of replacements and parts or your articles.

Wishing you many happy kilometers, Karol Burger, project author.

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